Writer-actor Roger Scott Jackson’s Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist is a comedic character, not a comedian. His shows are best described as
one-man theater pieces. Those with strong views on the existence or nonexistence of God may see what he does as activism, though he
insists his aim is simply to get some stuff off his chest: “Somebody else, who had to deal with snake-handling tongues-speakers as a child,
might become a homicidal maniac or a teacher at a Bible college. I talk to the world's most astute ticket-buyers.” He adds, "Though Brother
Sam is not strictly autobiographical, he is fabricated from my own experience, which is to say, I start by telling the truth, then heap on lies."
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Before Mr. Jackson became a full-time writer-actor, he worked at dozens of jobs, among them: shoeshine boy, fish gutter, taxi driver, copy
writer, reporter, and teacher (English, speech, debate). In 2007, Mr. Jackson wrote the one-man theater piece
Patriarchs and Penises and
began performing in the Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist persona. In the years since, he has appeared in hundreds of towns across America.

A Personal Note from Roger Scott Jackson

The unfortunate phrase “a blessing and a curse” is unavoidable in describing the effect Sam Singleton has had on my personal and professional
life. I’ve made friends all over the world, and have met people I admire. I have been able to perform my own work while seeing the country
with my ideal traveling companion (my wife Cari). I have known the thrill of hearing the applause of large audiences— from the stage. But I
have also performed to empty rooms, had my shows interrupted, and been ordered off the premises. Most venues refuse to rent space for
one of my shows. My family, and most of my friends, have broken off relations with me. My income has atrophied. Many people, including
some nonbelievers, fail to recognize that Sam Singleton is a caricature of both an atheist and an evangelist. Any overlap of the opinions he
expresses and my own is both coincidental and beside the point. Sam Singleton is an
art project. He is not my spokesman.
Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist and his Creator